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homu has been invited by ABF Andrea Bocelli Fondation to submit a proposal for a new educational hub 0-11 in Macerata, a new construction for a kindergarten and the renovation of the adjacent primary school. Our project is composed by a central garden and the new kindergarten. The 0-6 school has a modular plan and a compact volume to reduce the costs and to ensure a high energy efficiency. The barrel vaulted roof defines the learning spaces as rooms able of respecting the child individuality while creating surprising and unexpected spaces! Chek it out!


The south elevation with the educational spaces facing the garden © homu




The detailed design for Bramante high school in Macerata has been approved! In the last months homu submitted the DD for a 4300 sqm building for 500 students, with 20 classrooms, laboratories, sports facilities and a 200 people auditorium!

homu in collaboration with Ing. Antonio Zamponi, Ing. Paolo Trovellesi, IngEvo stp srl, Ing. Simone Tascini, Ing. Dante Cesetti.

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The atrium and the laboratories © homu




homu has been awarded the 2nd prize in the two stages international architecture competition for a 9000 sqm hospitality and management high school in Porto Sant'Elpidio.

#miur #provinciadifermo #scuolafutura

More soon!




homu has been the architecture workshop leader of the 2022 SAAD Workshop Week in collaboration with the Architecture and Design school of Ascoli Piceno Unicam! Thanks to the team of workshok! @universitacamerino @designunicam @unicamsaad @atelier_uno

Thanks to all the participants!


1/100 model project "Dunes" student Marco Acciaio © homu




homu and QB atelier submitted the detailed and executive design for the improvement of the accessibility plan and the removal of the architectural barriers of the Rocca Roveresca in Senigallia. The exhibition itinerary is rethought in its entirety to expand the spaces accessible to all the visitors through a coherent system of metallic elements, ramps, stairs, handrail, gates and parapets. Thanks to Direzione Regionale Musei Marche!

homu + QB


Rocca Roveresca's study section © homu + QB




homu has been commissioned for a small scale masterlan project in Amandola. More soon!




homu's new project for a planetarium and an astronomic park in Sant'Elpidio a Mare. The unique space of the hemispherical vault of the planetarium is a wooden structure designed to host installations artistic, didactic, theatrical performances, musical events as well as to be used as recreational space for projections. A collaboration with Ing. Paolo Trovellesi.

More here!


Schematic roof plan of the planetarium © homu




homu has been commissioned to design a second guest house half a km away from our first project in Senegal. We're super excited and happy to start this new adventure together with the clients. More soon!




homu new project for the renovation of a private house on the shore in the Marche region. More details!




homu has been asked to reimagine public areas in proximity of the historical center of Sant'Elpidio a Mare through landscape and hardscape interventions. We suggested a catalog of elements, materials and plants to meet the needs of the diffrent locations. More details!


Concept diagram for a green area © homu




homu has been commissioned to imagine how a unfinished construction could be transformed to accommodate short-term rentals apartments in a plot few meters far from the shore. More here!

homu+ Zamponi Trovellesi + StopOTA


Each apartment has two views with large terraces © homu




homu has been asked to collaborate on the concept design to redefine the volumetry, facades and materiality of a project by demolition and reconstruction of a two-family house in Amandola, in the heart of the Sibilini Mountains. A collaboration with EN.AR. Conti srl.

More details.




homu has been awarded the 1st place in the tender in the provisional ranking for the renovation of the building named "Casina delle Rose" in Fermo. The 1960 hotel is located on the top of the Sabulo hill, with views towards the sea, the Sibillini and Monte Conero. The project has been cancelled.

homu in collaboration with QB, Antonio Ravalli Architetti, Ing. Antonio Zamponi, Ing. Paolo Trovellesi, Ing. fabrizio Postacchini, Ing. Gustavo Bernagozzi.

More about the project.


The main elevation and the garden of Girfalco © homu + QB + ARA




Last year we’ve been asked to design a 4 stars hotel in the hearth of Sibillini mountains. After a long design process things unfortunately didn’t move on but still we’re happy with our project! We proposed a steel and wood light structure with large terraces to merge the room interior space with the woods. A collaboration with EN.AR. Conti srl. More soon!


The hotel lobby © homu




The project for a guest house in Senegal is close to completion. The large opening are facing the garden while the blind walls preserve the privacy from the neighbors. A terrace on the roof is imagined as a space to relax at the sunset. We're looking forward to see the final result!


The construction site © homu




homu is currently working on several housing projects, in Italy and abroad. We are delighted to be trasported by this #housingmood investigating on #domesticity, one of our favourite subject.

The image below represents our contribute to the exhibition "Italy: The New Domestic Landscape. NewYork 1972/Venice 2020" @thenewdomesticlandscape!

Read more here.


homu's study models photo © Nicola Novello




We’ve been commissioned to work on a new residential project, a demolition and reconstruction of a family house in Le Marche landscape, unfortunately damaged by 2016 Earthquake. Two clients with different needs made the project a collage of a tower house and a hangar house.

homu + Zamponi Trovellesi



The hangar house and the tower house © homu




homu worked together with AGENCIA on the proposal for the transformation of the Ex Galateo hospital in social housing in Lecce! Chek it out!

homu + AGENCIA


The housing units and the community spaces in the central tower © homu + AGENCIA




homu is part of GRAM02, a magazine curated by Editions QNDMC! Check the website to have more info and to read the full interview!

Thanks to the team of @editions_qndmc!


GRAM02 © Editions QNDMC




homu's new project for a primary school in Matelica, Italy! The roof is seen as transition element between architecture and landscape.The new school is not designed as a building but as a micro city, a campus for children to explore.

New project!


A permeable building composed by indoor and outdoor spaces © homu



2019/09/23 - 2019/09/27

homu has been the architecture workshop leader of the 2019 SAAD Workshop Week!

Thanks to Raffaele Pierucci, Michele Di Carlo, Riccardo Mecozzi, Lorenzo Di Gioacchino, Enrico Lepre, the very special team of the @saadworkshopweek!

@universitacamerino @designunicam @unicamsaad @atelier_uno

Thanks to all the participants: Carlo Scartozzi, Stefano Traini, Ludovica Cucculelli, Debora Di Francesco, Federica Marchegiani, Giuseppe Scortichini, Asia Ancillai, Dalila Delli Compagni, Pierpaolo Cicconi, Alessandro Giantomasso, Gerda Levin, Federica Melania Saponaro, Matteo Quinzi, Maria Teresa Consorti, Ramona Rocca, Marco Ripani, Manuel Scortichini, Massimo Fermani, Francesca Leo and Sarah Olimpia Sardone.




We’ve been commissioned to design a new guest house in the wonderful Petite Côte near Dakar! The different volumes are created to allow multiple levels of privacy between owners and guests. A "pool house" in direct connection with the swimming pool is a detached element from the main building with independent access! Chek it out!


An architecture that creates a fluid space preserving the privacy of the guests © homu




Find out our project for a landmark at Dubai Creek Harbour! We imagined a multifaceted structure which boundaries are blurred like a sunbow. It is not a building but a unique place where outdoor and indoor merge together. The landmark is conceived as a structure no longer exclusively dedicated to a single visit in a lifetime, but as capacitor of activities, a place of permanent activity. Check it out!


The new landmark and the Dubai Creek Tower © homu




homu talks at SAAD Unicam to present the architecture workshop, part of SAAD Workshop week 2019 "What if?". Join us at Sala dell'Affresco, Convento dell'Annunziata, Ascoli Piceno, h.10.00! The one week workshop will be held from the 2019/09/23 to the 2019/09/27 and will be open to 20 students. For more info please check @saadworkshopweek!

Thanks to @universitacamerino @designunicam @unicamsaad @atelier_uno


© homu




The 2nd of March homu has been invited at the NIB X round-table and exhibition "Progettare l'Italia" at Macro museum in Rome. Collaging continuity is the title of our reflection about new and existing in architecture.


Kristiansand Kunstsilo © homu




homu's proposal for the masterplan design of Puos d'Alpago's educational complex suggest a landscape infrastructure becoming architecture. The continuous system of protected pathways defines a safe but permeable place, suggesting interaction between the various proposed programs. New project!




Newitalianblood exhibition by homu is open to public at the Scuola di Architettura e Design “Eduardo Vittoria”, Università di Camerino, Ascoli Piceno, Chiostro dell’Annunziata, 10-14 December! Thanks to SAAD Unicam!


Chiostro dell'Annunziata, SAAD Unicam




homu unveils the design for a primary school in Italy. The building is sensitive, as the screen controls the shadow, the light and the air; contextual, since each side reacts differently to specific urban conditions or desired views; peculiar as it conveys a unique and specific image.

New project!


The main entrance and the polyvalent outdoor space, © homu




homu's new website is online with new projects and updates! More images very soon.




homu's works are featured in Divisare Architettura Italiana!




Discover our proposal for the Setouchi Art Triennale 2019 in Japan. We imagined an ever-changing temporary pavilion.

Chek it out!

homu + Nanako Ishizuka


The "butterfly" pavilion, © homu




homu's entry for the competition to renovate a building complex in Via delle Orsole in Milan. Read more!


The office lobby, © homu




homu renovated an apartment in Bologna.

Special thanks to our open-minded client, to the contractor and construction supervisor Massimo Sforzani and to everybody involved in the project!

More images here!


The living room and the inox wall, photo © homu




*1st prize scuoleinnovative!

homu wins the international competition to design an innovative educational complex in Macerata! The new IIS "Bramante" school aims to be a surprising place in a beautiful and fragile context! #miur #provinciadimacerata #scuoleinnovative

homu in collaboration with Ing. Antonio Zamponi and Ing. Paolo Trovellesi.

More here!


The auditorium and the gym, © homu




homu is between the winners of the NewItalianblood prize 2017 for the top 10 Italian architecture offices under 36!

Check it out!




New project for a childhood centre in Bisceglie! We suggested to preserve the existing buildings and to improve their relationships adding two light structure pavilions to create shaded outdoor spaces and identify separate functional areas.



The shaded outdoor spaces and the existing buildings, © homu




Discover our proposal for Europan 14 Guebwiller in France. We used the void to design new urban spaces, plazas and parcs to open the site to the people. More here!


Concept collage, © homu




We took part in the competition to design the new headquarter of the International Telecommunications Union ifront to the level of the park on the back side. See more!

homu + Sizhou Yang


The main entrance, © homu




Discover our proposal for 16th International Architecture Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia 2018 Pro Helvetia.

More here!

homu + Sizhou Yang




homu's interview "Drawing the process" by KooZA/rch is out!


Art museum in Kristiansand, © homu




*honourable mention in the international architecture competition to design the Art museum and Cultural quarter in Kristiansand, Norway!

#kunstsilo #kristiansand

Check it out!


The museum's indoor garden, © homu




homu is featured as special guest on newitalianblood in the section architecture.

Thanks to www.newitalianblood.com!




homu participated in the reflection for Ostend new beachwalk in collaboration with U67 and Hettie Pisters/studio hp.




*Shortlisted project in Graz Europan 13!

homu + U67


Typical floor plan, © homu




homu's entry in the open competition "meno di 31" promoted by Casabella. More!


Main elevation, © homu




*4th place in the open competition to design an auditorium in Martinsicuro, Italy.

Check it out!.


Longitudinal section, © homu




homu is on Instagram. We'll post about our designing process and more.

Follow us on homuarchitecture if you like!





Hungarian Museum of Architecture & Fotomuzeum in Budapest.

New update!


Exhibition room, © homu




Museum of Ethnography in Budapest. Check it out!


Cross section, © homu




New project for a municipal library. Read more!


Model 1:500, photo © homu




homu is studying a new research and editorial project: Italian Cities serie. New updates in the future!




We took part in the competition "Padiglione-Infanzia" to design a children's pavilion in Milan. Click here to see more.


Model 1:500, photo © homu




*honourable mention in Europan 12 Norway competition in Ås.


Axonometric view, © homu




homu and New York!


Soho, photo © homu




We are designing a little restaurant in Bologna, more soon.




homu's website is online!




Check here our proposal for the main square and park renovation in San Lazzaro di Savena.


Concept diagram, © homu




*3rd prize “Attiva/Azioni” Idea Competition.




homu joins OMA*AMO/Rem Koolhaas, Rotterdam.




homu in The Netherlands.




homu to the sky, read more.

Bologna was named “Silva Turrita” in the late Middle age. In a rapresentation of the city in the XII sec. Bologna was a little Manhattan. Nowadays just few towers still exist.

The project investigates the Middle age tower-house typlogy in relation with the sprawl extension of the historical town.


Vision, © homu




New project for a community centre in Rwanda!


Concept diagram, © homu




homu in Tokyo.




homu joins SOU FUJIMOTO and SANAA, Tokyo, JP.



© Sou Fujimoto



homu *Mentioned NIB for Silk Road Map.




Silk Road Map's video is online.





Research project on contemporary city "Convex VS Concave".




*3rd prize in the International architecture competition Bali 2010 to design a marine research centre in Indonesia.


Overview from the shore, © homu




Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni and Nicole Passarella will lecture about “Habitat & Rome”, Architecture University, Ferrara.



*Selected project for Archiprix Italia.

homu + Nicole Passarella




Research project for a social housing project in Rome. More!


Concept, © homu


Our project "potato, radish, salad, mustard, onion", which focused on crop rotation as a strategy to think about the transformation of the city, has been exhibited at the 11th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice in the section Everyville 2008.




*Honourable mention in “Everyville” international competition.

The competition asked to imagine an idea-project based on the theoretical-critical text written by the curator of the 11 th Exhibition Aaron Betsky.




*1st prize in Knauf architecture student competition.

Knauf is a leading manufacturer of systems for metal stud drylining, drywall, acoustic, fire protection, tile backing and more.




*Honourable mention in “Colordesigner. Poli Design".

The competition promoted by POLI.design, Consortium of the Polytechnic of Milan, asked to design a new retail concept for Benetton.




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